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Put your thoughts on paper.  What are your biggest fears?  If money was not a factor, what would you be doing differently, right here, right now.  I have learned that in order to see a dream or idea come to life that you must believe that you are worthy of achieving it.  My first step into manifesting the dreams into reality was to sit down and get clear on my life's journey.  List your achievements to date.  Volunteer.  Join a community with common interests.  Do whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Do this and then manifest the shit out of them.  


Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

Ever hear "you're too hard on yourself?" That pretty much summed up my outlook on life no matter how hard I was working to improve it. Words can't really express the feeling a person gets when they're feeling physically strong in their vessel. You don't have to be an athlete, you don't have to love working out, but what you do need is to have the mindset to want to move. I promise you'll learn to love it when consistent.



In order for a dream to come to life you have to believe.  You have to believe that all the lows and highs in life has given you the experience to follow your passions. It’s never too late.  I feel that people often put so much pressure on themselves and lose focus of what makes them unique.  Everyone on this planet has their own quirks.