Everybody Wants to Rule the World

I got my first job when I was 15 years old. I was tired of hearing my parents tell me they would “provide what you need, not what you want” all the time and was determined to get everything I wanted when I wanted it.  Now don’t get me wrong.  My parents gave me a lot.  I just wanted more.  What child doesn’t?  

I’ll never forget that feeling of excitement when I got that “we would like to offer you the position” call.  My first offer! At the time, I felt like I had landed my dream job.  A sales associate at Sam Goody! For those of you who have never heard of Sam Goody, it was thee go to music store at one time. 

There was no Pandora, Spotify, SoundCloud, iTunes and who knows how many more music on demand apps are available.  I’m totally not hating on these apps by the way. They’re AMAZING.  Huge fan here.  

However, heading to the music store to buy the single of the week were monumental for me.  Nothing is more satisfying than having music on DEMAND.  It’s food for my brain, soul, thoughts, mindset, and sanity.  It’s like that feeling you have for your pet.  You can love them unconditionally and they never make you feel bad…not the way that humans do. The connection is so deeply rooted that it’s indestructible. 

Everybody wants to rule the world.  Or at least their own world. To preserve, I believe that you need to have those monumental moments for yourself.  No matter what your circumstances you’re finding the time to take care of you.  You deserve it.  You’re worthy of it.  I personally like to write and connect, so blogging has become what I do for me. 

How do you obtain this?  YOU make the CHOICE to.  You’re somebody's somebody but you gotta be able to maintain staying your own somebody at ALL times.  I hope that makes sense.  It does to me. :)  

You are your own boss.  What does that mean? Outside of corporate politics, you create the world in which you live in.  I have so much respect for anyone that works hard no matter the circumstances.  A CEO was someone’s assistant at one point or another so they could learn how to master their position. 

I am the CEO and I will always be my own assistant.  It’s how you learn and grow.  Look at misfortunes as lessons learned.  Moments that were meant to be no matter how tragic.  Negative thoughts will sometimes take over but the CEO in me tells the assistant in me to chill the fuck out. The more chill the more happy I am. Amen? Amen!


GO RULE THE WORLD! (Tears for Fears playing in the background)

With mad worldly love,