A New Year, A New Who?

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It’s the first day of the new year and I can’t count how many times I’ve read or heard people say “a new year, a new you."  

“A new you."

When I think about the word “new”,  I think about doing something for the first time, like when I first got behind the wheel of a car.  My first kiss. The first time I went on a roller coaster.  The first time I did anything for the first time made me nervous because I had no idea how I would feel until I actually experienced it. 

I personally don’t think that people should think about it being a “new you".  It’s about applying what you didn’t know before to the next day, month, year.  Reflect back on all the highs and lows.   Let go of the lows by learning from them the next time you see a pattern occurring. Don't sit and wait for something to change.  Be the change and remember that you can't change other people. Sometimes the way to make things work is to change your own perspective.  Take the high road.  It's hard but it will save you a lot of energy in the end.  

I have spent so much time focusing on all the bad things that could happen instead of believing in myself enough to know that I will reach my goals because I make shit happen. Cherish the little things and everything that is going right when others feel wrong.  You are worthy of all the things that you want out of life but remember you have to work for them.  Sometimes luck is on our side and we're at the right place at the right time (I call that synchronicity) and most times you have to do whatever it takes however many mistakes you make, to turn your dreams into a reality.  

Toxicity surrounds us whether it’s happening here or around the world.  The beauty about freedom is that you can choose what you let into your life.  If you’re in a relationship that is consuming you to the point that you can’t go a day without obsessing and taking you away from the highest you that you can be, then leave it.  If you want a new job or make a transition then take action and just do it. If not now, when? 

Put your thoughts on paper.  What are your biggest fears?  What characteristics and personality traits does your dream partner have if you’re single.   List your achievements to date.  Volunteer.  Join a community with common interests.  Do whatever it takes to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Do this and then manifest the shit out of them.  

Is it going to be easy?  Fuck no.  A good friend gave me these exercises and I’m still having a hard time processing my thoughts onto paper but it’s definitely helping me.  I’m learning to be good to myself.  Forgive the past for it’s not the future.  Accept the things I cannot change.  Give myself permission to have bad days.  Be perfectly imperfect and forever humble. 

Wishing all a healthy and happy new year!  


Hugs and health,